Traditional/half day Preschool

Thank you for your interest! We are so glad you are here!

  • *All tuition is billed monthly*

                   2 DAYS- $150

                   3 DAYS- $175

    •          Traditional Preschool hours are 8:15am-11:30am.
    •          Parents/guardians should enter the parking lot, turn right and follow behind the church until they are under the awning. This helps with the flow of traffic. The children must be sign in and sign out each day by a guardian. We will have a tablet ready for you.
    •          Teachers will get the Traditional students out of your vehicle at 8:15am and return your child at 11:30am. At pickup, please pull over into a parking space to buckle your child in their car seat. The line gets backed up if everyone stops under the covered entrance to secure each child. State regulation says it is a liability for our teachers to buckle your child.
    • If you would like to drop off and pick up your child by walking them to the entrance door, you may do that. 
    •          Please keep your security number visible. If pickup needs to change for the day, please notify the Early Childhood Director. If the person picking up your child is not listed on the application, they cannot leave with your child.
    • We will provide a mid-morning snack!
    •          Tuition is DUE ON the 1st of each month. You will have a grace period until the 10th and will start incurring late fees on the 11th of each month. Tuition is due September 1st to May 1st.
    •          Please make sure you are signed up with Brightwheel. That is the best form of communication throughout the day!

    Your child will need:

    •          A current immunization record must be presented within the first week of school. If one is not presented, your child will not be allowed to attend until one is turned into the office.
    •    The immunization record must have an expiration date and must be signed by a physician to be valid.
    •          We are not allowing backpacks.  We are only allowed so much space per cubby and backpacks take up most of that room. Please use a tote bag. If you aren’t sure what a tote bag entails, please ask. We will be more than happy to help.
    •   A change of clothes
    • A water bottle
  • 2022-2023 Parent/Guardian contract

    If you have any questions, please let us know!

    All contracts must be submitted by September 9th, 2022.